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Kamchatka (SE)

Thomas Juneor Andersson - guitar & vocals
Per Wiberg - bass & vocals
Tobias Strandvik - drums

Kamchatka was formed in Varberg, Sweden, in 2001.

A few years later, after saving up enough money, they decided to record an album in their own studio with the help of an old friend of the band, Nicholas Elgstrand, who recorded, mixed and produced it together with the band.  Another  old friend of the band, Per Wiberg, who also designed the album cover, hooked them up with a New York based indie label called Grooveyard Records, where the first Kamchatka album was released January 1st 2005.

After about a year of an occasional gig here and there, which were all well recieved, the guys started to get restless, so they decided to record another album, subsequently known as "Volume II", this time recording it themselves on an eight-track and  once again they called in Nicholas to help ,mix and produce. It was released on Grooveyard Records in January 2007.

After yet another year of  some Kamchatka shows, they had started recording their third album when the American rockband Clutch,whom they had opened a few gigs for in Sweden in 2007, invited Kamchatka to open for them on their US-tour. This gave the guys their first opportunity to proove themselves to the American audience. After 21 successful performances they returned back home to complete "Volume III"  and released it on the Swedish label Superpuma Records at the beginning of March, 2009.

In November that  same year Kamchatka were once again invited by Clutch to open for them, this time on a month long tour of 23 gigs throughout western Europe which resulted in great reviews and a whole lot of new fans.

In 2010  the band focused on writing  and recording their 4th album, once again in their very own Shrimpmonkey Studios. The album ‘ Bury Your Roots was released in May 2011 and received  great reviews from press and fans in Europe and Scandinavia. GuitaristThomas ‘Juneor’ Andersson receives a fine award from the royal music academy in Sweden for his work on the guitar through the years.

In 2011 KAMCHATKA tours Europe again with CLUTCH  and  also Germany and Switzerland with UK trio “THE BREW” and are gaining more and more fans as the band keeps delivering the goods.

Thomas releases his own signature guitar for Ibanez (Sweden and Denmark), which he names “BEARD BENDER” .The “BEARD BENDER” is a success and 40 instruments sell out right away and another 40 is manufactured.

In 2012 Kamchatka play some of the bigger festivals and do their own first European headline tour and in 2013 they start working on their 5th studioalbum to be released on Despotz Records on February 21st 2014 followed by their 6th studioalbum´Long Road Made of Gold`in 2015.

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