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Physical Graffiti (NL)

Andrew Elt - Lead Vocal
Daniël Verberk - Guitars, Violin Bow, Theramin
Dave Harrold - Bass, Mandolin
Jan Gabriel - Drums, Percussion
Remco van Zandvoort - Keyboard

Physical Graffiti has been playing homage to one of the world's most famous rock bands - Led Zeppelin - for over 15 years. The band built up a solid reputation mainly throughout the German club scene over the last decade, but it wasn't until singer Andrew Elt was asked to join the ranks as lead vocalist, that the world's ultimate rock band got its ultimate tribute.
With guitarist Daniel Verberk emulating the very essence of Jimmy Page's guitar sound, using the same amps, guitars and effects, he not only oozes Page's cool, he delivers his style of playing so convincingly, you'd think he was being channeled.
Irish native, Dave Harrold, the only original member left, is as quietly convincing as John Paul Jones himself. The heavy grooves and demonic bass lines flow into another dimension, only, on occasion, to be laid to rest for the majestic mandolin.
Leaves German born Jan Gabriel... to say he comes close to being the reincarnation of John Bonham might be a slight exaggeration in many people's eyes... but wait until you see him attack his Ludwig Vista Lite during Moby Dick before jumping to conclusions!
As said earlier, Andrew Elt's high range power vocals and driven deliverance make the quartet complete, emulating those same classic howls and dynamic vocal lines we know so well from the records, exactly the way Plant intended them to be.

, Lead vocals:
Andrew Elt can tell a long story about his career as a musician. Starting in 1983 by joining the Dutch rock band “Gin on the Rocks”, releasing their first album “hot” in 1986, then joining the Dutch rockers “Sleeze Beez” from 1988 till 1995. During that time they went on tour with “Skid Row” and their first single and video “Stranger than Paradise” went on to be a Top 5 requested video on MTV's Most Wanted for 4 weeks and lifted sales of the album way above the 100,000 units within the first 2 months of its release. By 2000, his main activity within the music business had by chance taken a left turn. For the last 10 years, Andrew has been working as Tour Manager for American guitar virtuoso, Walter Trout touring the world with his band. Uniquely, Andrew also performs every night with Walter, backing up the band on acoustic guitar and harmonies on a few songs and often even given a lead vocal spot! As a vocalist, Andrew has kept performing in between touring with Walter Trout. He is a much 'in demand' vocalist at rock sessions (His voice emulating the enigmatic vocals of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Guns n Roses, AC/DC, Van Halen etc) and in a variety of other 'tribute' bands.

DAVE HARROLD, Bass guitar:
Dave Harrold started travelling the globe in early age. After the USA and most of Europe he ended up in Holland in 1977 where he taught himself the guitar (which in true Irish fashion he learned to play upside down, being left-handed and not realising this wasn’t the normal way...). He moved on to the bass and before long he became a much wanted musician playing Dutch bands such as RE-EXPERIENCE, CLEMENS V.D. VEN BAND, BOERENLEENBAND. He has now added mandolin to his repertoire so that now in true JOHN PAUL JONES style he can accompany his P.G. brothers in a few wonderful ZEPPELIN acoustics numbers.

Daniel Verberk started playing the guitar at the age 11. He worked as back-line technician for VENGEANCE. From this point he became guitarist with HEAVY 70’S and THE MOON including singer ANDREW ELT (from SLEEZE BEEZE). After 3 years of success with this band he received the offer from funk/rock band MOTHERS FINEST to tour America and Europe as stagemanager and back-line tech from 2006.

JAN GABRIEL, Drums, Percussion:
At the age of 6 he’s playing drums in the Big Band and from then on he’s touring the USA and Europe and this is still happening once a year! At one stage he is actually supporting name German bands such as GUANO APES. He also enters the classical world and plays percussion in different orchestras and as a teacher he leads the pet- project BAND APART which plays Quentin Tarantino film music.

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tour period

celebrating 50 years of the iconic led zeppelin albums I & II

24.08. DE - Torgau, Bastion Festival
13.09. DE - Hannover, Blues Garage
27.09. DE - Wetzlar, Eventwerkstatt
28.09. DE - Erfurt, Gewerkschaftshaus
29.09. DE - Bonn, Harmonie
22.11. DE - Melle-Buer, Kulturwerkstatt
23.11. DE - Gladbeck, Stadthalle



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