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Simin Tander (DE)

Simin Tander – vocals
Jeroen van Vliet – piano, electronics
Cord Heineking - bass
Etienne Nillesen - drums

She is one of the most amazing personalities in young European jazz. With her enchantingly tender and equally expressive, masterful voice Simin Tander builds bridges between occidental jazz and arabesque-like vocal flights, between songwriting experiments, chanson and intimate ballads. Along with her quartet, the German-Afghan singer draws a fascinating route to her Mid-Eastern heritage and into the depths of her soul on her second CD.

 “It is a journey – to myself, through the world of my emotions and thoughts and to my Afghan roots”, explains Simin Tander. Where Water Travels Home does not show us a conventional road movie: imaginative and labyrinthine, and therefore all the morecompelling for the listener, are the sound routes which this water takes, and rather than the compass of the mind it follows the path of the heart.

 “Where water travels home” – this is no abstract image. For the daughter of an Afghan journalist/poet and a German teacher, it rather means the actually experienced search for her identity. As a mature singer, she is now posing the question of the where from and where to in her second CD, which turns out to be a masterpiece of song-writing with an improvisational touch. Simin Tander and her marvellous quartet build dramatic tension over the course of 13 stations, traversing past and present in a free-flowing dramaturgy.

Simin has truly developed her very unique style: Blending jazz with singer songwriter elements and a hint of oriental mysticism. Floating from tender ballads to challenging rhythms, from impulsive improvisations to narrative melodies, all leading into a world of emotion and contrasts. She moves her audience with a voice that knows every possible color and expression and embodies it with an alluring intensity. Her strong and intimate
performances are mesmerizing as Simin does not only deliver her songs passionately but also loves to make a direct connection with her audience.

In the past few years Simin has become one of the rising stars of the Dutch and German jazz scene.

Her performances at North Sea Jazz Festival, the BIMHUIS, the prestigious Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Berlin Jazzmeeting, Women In Jazz Festival Halle, JAZZAHEAD Bremen and her concerts with Dutch Jazz star Eric Vloeimans have received rave reviews.

Beside the Netherlands and Germany Simin is developing an internationally recognized reputation with performances at Bohemia Jazz Fest (Czech Republic), Catania Jazz Festival (Italy), Madrid Jazz Festival (Spain), OCT LOFT Festival (China), HongKong Jazz Festival, Jarasum Jazzfestival (South Korea) and many more.

For her new album she has learned to sing in Pashto, the language of Afghanistan and the language of her father who passed away when she was a little child. It is the first time Simin
will perform Afghan songs beside her own very personal compositions. The CD has been released in Spring 2014 among a very successful album release tour. New festival gigs and
club shows for Summer and Autumn 2014 are already confirmed (North Sea Jazz, Jazztage Leipzig) but the band is still available for further dates.

Her name is Persian and a beautiful promise for her future: “silvery shining”.

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latest release

Where Water Travels Home (2014, Jazzhaus   Records)                                                                       

Latest video - Where Water Travels Home

press quotes

“A shining diamant.“
Jazzenzo (NL)

"The audience was amazed when the Simin Tander Quartet staged its: (...) tenderly pure jazz with Simin’s mysterious, soul-touching, pellucid wordless singing and devoted performance (…)“
Delta Bridges (China)

“Simin Tander is a miracle of the art of singing.”
Het Parool (NL)

“Where Water Travels Home- probably one of the best vocal albums that have ever been released
in Germany.”
Jazzthetik (Ger)

“A very special talent!“
Sheila Jordan


tour period

where water travels home tour 2016
24.09. DE - Schloss Agathenburg
27.01. DE - Bergisch-Gladbach, Villa Zanders



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