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Bahur Ghazi (SYR)

Bahur Ghazi - Oud
Luca Sisera - Contrabass
Patricia Draeger - Accordeon
Dario Sisera - Drums
Christoph Baumann - Piano

Bahur Ghazi’s Palmyra combines the sound of the desert in the East and the sound of the ocean in the West of Syria. The music expresses the magic and the magnificent atmosphere of Palmyra and the beauty of the forgotten cultures. The compositions are from a warm and eternal spirit. The band tells stories of travelers and refugees from different cultures discovering the common roots and how art connects people together and how music heal hearts all around the World.
Bahur Ghazi, initiator of the Palmyra, had a long difficult journey which began in Syria 17 years ago. His Oud was always a signpost to follow his heart and the music. The strength of expression and improvisation guided him to Switzerland, where he can play and compose in peace.

Booking territories: worldwide, except Switzerland

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Bidaya (2018, Jazzhaus Records)


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